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"Gormenghast: one of the great neglected works of art, and not just fantasy"
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De Beproeving: woord vooraf bij het derde deel

Poems from Gormenghast - Dutch and English

A chapter from the translation of Gormenghast part 3

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Mervyn Peake

Mervyn Peake, writer, poet, painter and draughtsman, has by now become famous for his Titus-books, also known as the Gormenghast-trilogy. Since the tv-adaptation of the first two books, shown by the BBC in january 2000, the interest in his work has risen considerably.

I read the books as a student, back in 1976, and wondered why nobody ever made a Dutch translation of this amazing work of fiction. Almost twenty years later, in 1994, I was still wondering, so I decided to try my own hand at it. Little did I know that this would soon turn into an obsession and keep me busy (in stolen hours) for seven years. This Dutch version has been published by Uitgeverij Het Spectrum over the years 1999-2001.

Here you can find two specimens of this translation, as well as one of my articles on Peake. Though they're all (but one) in Dutch, most pages contain interesting illustrations. For the English visitor, however, the list of external links may prove more useful.

A handful of external links

mervynpeake.blogspot.com Blog kept by Peakes son Sebastian

www.mervynpeake.org The official Peake-website

home.earthlink.net/~ellendebrock/gormenghast.htm Very informative Peake-site - also a connection to the Peake-webring

authologies.free.fr/peake.htm Some french appreciation of Peake's work (you need to know French, of course)

www.peakestudies.com/contents.htm An extensive bibliography of Peake's works

www.gormenghastcastle.co.uk/awakes.html The rudimentary beginnings of a fourth Titus-book